Welcome to My Nha Dentistry, 264 Cach Mang Thang 8 St. Ward 10, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

My Nha was established in 2007, after more than 10 years’ experience, applying the highest quality dental technology and thereby gaining the trust of many people in Vietnam as well as foreigners from around the world. My Nha utilises the latest knowledge, technology and techniques to provide more benefits for our customers.

The original meaning of My Nha, is simple. It is the emotion within a dentist’s spirit who is really sensitive to the beauty and the value of perfection in life. And the dentist in question is Dr. Phan Thi Bay, the founder and headmaster of My Nha Dentistry.

The word “My” in “My Nha” represents the beauty. Yet beauty in this case is not only ordinary visible beauty, but also the beauty that we can only know through our feelings. It is the beauty of love, of perfection, the beauty of the conscience and enthusiasm, of understanding every single need of our patients. It is the beauty of our concern for the pain and the emotions of our patients, the beauty of our awareness that your health is our top priority.

The beauty of the word “My” motivates us to do our best throughout My Nha Dentistry in the spirit of LOVE AND IMPROVEMENT. Therefore, we are determined to fulfill our duty, which is to “Care For The Dental Health Of The Community”.

Our second duty is the non-stop improvement of all aspects in order to “Improve The Reputation Of Vietnam Dentistry Worldwide”. Hence, the treatment philosophy of My Nha Dentistry does include not only the medical field, but also the general wellbeing and happiness of our patients.

“Dental Health is the doorway to overall healthiness”

“Your smile is the doorway to success and happiness”

The mouth is where the earliest symptoms appear and the entrance to our bodies from the outside world. Therefore, dental treatment helps improve dental health and the health of the whole body.

Meanwhile, a smile (or lack of it) is the first impression when we meet somebody for the first time. It has the ability to break through the shy, hesitation and open up the way to conversation. Therefore, dental health not only gives us Super Strong Teeth but also a Beautiful Smile.

My Nha Dentistry will always LOVE AND IMPROVE. We take the time to fully understand our patient’s needs, to serve them with all our ability in order to provide the highest quality dental service for everybody.

Welcome to My Nha Dentistry!